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Orion Delta 3D Printer Begins Rolling Out To Customers

seemecnc-orion-delta 2

SeemeCNC is known better for its CNC machines, but they also create 3D printers. The fully assembled Orion Delta 3D printer from SeeMeCNC has begun shipping to customers. It comes with a heated bed, LCD control panel and an SD card slot for PC free printing.

The team at SeeMeCNC has already shipped thousands of 3D printer kits overseas, but the Orion will be their first pre built machine. They started developing 3D printers back in 2012 with their H-1 3D printer that has become very popular. SeeMeCNC also developed the Rostock Max. The worlds first kit for a parallel kinematic delta robot printer.



  • Up-front LCD panel to show you the status of your print
  • On-board SD card (included) for storing up to 4GB of print files (that’s an average of appx. 2700 prints!!!)
  • Heated build platform
  • High Speed positioning (200mm/s)
  • High precision with better than 50 micron accuracy
  • Prints in ABS, PLA, PVA and more

“We design all our machines to print with ABS material.  You don’t need to buy special edition machines, or add aftermarket gadgets and gizmos, they just work with it from the start.  It’s what we use to test the machines performance before it ever ships even.  Since we tackle one of the more difficult materials in our design first, the rest are easy.  PLA, no problem.” wrote SeeMeCNC. The Orion can also print in PET.

The Orion Delta can be purchased off SeeMeCNC’s store for $1,499.00.