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Solid Concepts Selling One Hundred 3D Printed Metal Guns For $11,900 Each


Solid Concepts 3D printed 1911 metal gun is nearing 2,000 rounds of firing without failure and to celebrate the company is going to sell 100 limited edition models for an eye watering $11,900.

The 3D printed 1911 gun is based off the .45-caliber, M1911 semi-automatic pistol that was developed by John Browning over a century ago. The M1911 served as the standard-issue sidearm for the United States military from 1911 to 1985. Solid Concepts announced they had created the gun on November 7, 2013.

All 100 guns will be serialized with the option of unique customization using Solid Concepts 3D printing process. The guns will be manufactured from Inconel 625 (Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum alloy) and Stainless Steel. Each gun will undergo post machining and a one hundred round firing test.

Buyers will have the opportunity to visit Solid Concepts Texas manufacturing facility to see their gun being printed, and to join Solid Concepts’ engineers on the firing range to test their 1911 gun. “This is a chance to own a piece of history,” says Vice President of Marketing Scott McGowan.

Solid Concepts will be packaging the 3D printed 1911 guns in a wooden showcase box with a 3D Printed metal plaque describing the unique qualities of the pistol and a certificate of authenticity. Sales began on December the 19. Head over to Solid Concepts to find out more.

Specs are as follows:

  • Weight: 2.25 lb empty, no magazine
  • Width: 1.3″
  • Trigger Pull: 5 lb
  • Sight Radius: 6.4″
  • Sights: Standard GI with square notch rear
  • Barrel – Number of grooves 6=Lands 6=Grooves
  • Barrel – Twist: 1: 15.8

Philadelphia Is The First City To Ban 3D Printed Firearms

Yes its happened, Philadelphia’s City Council has banned 3D printed guns to make it the first city in the United States to do so. After the unanimous vote to ban the manufacturing of guns from 3D printers, the author of the bill, Kenyatta Johnson still isn’t aware of any local 3D printer gun manufacturers. ”It’s all pre-emptive,” says Johnson’s director of legislation Steve Cobb. “It’s just based upon internet stuff out there.”

“As technology progresses, three-dimensional printers will become more advanced, less expensive and more commonplace,” Councilman Kenyatta Johnson said after the vote. “As instructions for the manufacture of guns via 3D printing technology are already available on the Internet, we could be looking at a recipe for disaster.”

While people have been manufacturing guns for centuries, recent developments such as Solid Concepts metal 3D printed gun may have been the tipping point for the Councillors. Still, it would be easier and cheaper for somebody to make a gun in a machine shop or even buy one illegally than producing them on a 3D printer.

It will be interesting to see how they enforce the bill as it will be almost impossible track the manufacturing of them. The banning of 3D printed firearms seems to be politically motivated rather than anything to do with public safety and home security.

Source: phillymag.com


3D Printed Metal Gun 500 Round Endurance Test – Video

Solid Concepts engineers took the 1911 3D Printed Metal gun out onto the range once more, this time for a 500 round torture test. In an effort to officially prove the strength and capability of our 1911 series pistol, we submitted the gun to a high volume of pressure, force and heat in the form of over 500 continuous rounds. To date, the 1911 3D Printed gun has been subjected to 600+ rounds with zero part failures.


World’s First 3D Printed Metal Gun Created By Solid Concepts

Credit: solidconcepts.com

Credit: solidconcepts.com

Austin based Solid Concepts has manufactured the world’s first 3D printed metal gun. Solid Concepts utilized laser sintering process and powdered metals to create the 1911 classic (45ACP) that handled 50 rounds of successful firing. The gun is composed of 33 17-4 Stainless Steel and Inconel 625 components, along with a Selective Laser Sintered (SLS) carbon-fiber filled nylon hand grip.

“We’re proving this is possible, the technology is at a place now where we can manufacture a gun with 3D Metal Printing,” says Kent Firestone, Vice President of Additive Manufacturing at Solid Concepts. “And we’re doing this legally. In fact, as far as we know, we’re the only 3D Printing Service Provider with a Federal Firearms License (FFL). Now, if a qualifying customer needs a unique gun part in five days, we can deliver.”

Laser sintering was used to manufacture Solid Concepts gun due to the highly accurate nature of the additive manufacturing process. The gun proves the tight tolerances laser sintering can meet. Plus, 3D Printed Metal has less porosity issues than an investment cast part and better complexities than a machined part. The 3D Printed gun barrel sees chamber pressures above 20,000 psi every time it is fired.


“The whole concept of using a laser sintering process to 3D Print a metal gun revolves around proving the reliability, accuracy and usability of metal 3D Printing as functional prototypes and end use products,” says Firestone. “It’s a common misconception that 3D Printing isn’t accurate or strong enough, and we’re working to change people’s perspective.”

Solid Concepts says that the metal 3D printed gun shows that 3D printing isn’t just for trinkets and Yoda heads. They also claim that the firearm debunks the myth that 3D Printing isn’t a viable solution or isn’t ready for mainstream manufacturing.

The 1911 classic design was chosen because the design is already in the public domain.

We must say that the final product looks incredibly impressive and is a step up from Cody Wilson’s Liberator gun. Check out the video below to see the gun in action.