Low Cost Phoenix 3D Printer By Ez3D Comes In Under $400, Launches On Kickstarter


One major problem with 3D printing at the moment is the cost of getting into it. Most people don’t have a spare grand or two for a 3D printer, but $500 sounds a lot more reasonable. Ez3D has well and truly smashed the $500 dollar mark with their Phoenix 3D printer that comes in at $399.

So what sets the Phoenix apart from other cheap 3D printers that can be bought and sent to your door before Ez3D is ready to send of the first Phoenix printers. According to the company, its the management software that makes 3D printing easier.  It helps you manage your filament, grouping your STL files into logical groups, and a unique feature: print recovery mode. Print recovery allows you to pause a print , fix your tangled filament or clogged nozzle, rewind the print to the point of failure, and try again. Ez3D’s software can also send information to your iPhone or iPad on the fly.


Rather than a traditional threaded rod for the Z axis, Ez3D have opted for a belt instead that “produces perfect walls and edges, and no wobble pattern can be seen.” They claim that threaded rods are slow to move and can be manufactured imperfectly.

Ez3D’s extruder design prevents unwanted heat from travelling up the filament, causing it to soften. This makes it harder for the extruder to push out filament.

Printer Specifications

  • Build Area: 240 x 215 x 200 millimeters
  • Resolution: 0.1mm all around
  • 12-volt, 40-watt heater 0.35mm brass nozzle
  • Heated build platform, which means you can print with ABS!
  • 12-volt, 20-amp, 240-watt power supply
  • Integrated filament spool holder. No need to buy special or proprietary cartridges!
  • Adjustable Z-axis cutoff switch for reliable print starts


A fully assembled Phoenix 3D printer will set you back $399 with a March 2014 ship date, while kits will cost $374 with an estimated delivery date of January next year. The Phoenix 3D printer isn’t the cheapest 3D printer on the market but it is certainly close. Check it out on Kickstarter an like them on Facebook.


About Ez3D

We are the Wood family! Jerry and Lori are the husband and wife, and Jake and Josh are the kids. Jerry is a professional software developer, and 3D printing has re-sparked his interest in hardware and electronics. Jake is a senior at Northeastern University studying computer science and entrepreneurship, and has gained two years of experience through internship and contract experience. Lori is our world-renowned printer builder and mom! Josh sort of cheers us on when he feels like it.



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