$99 ChocaByte 3D Printer At CES 2014

ChocaByteCES has seen the launch of a number of edible based 3D printers, most notably 3D Systems’ Chefjet range of printers. While the launch of these new printers has exited the 3D printing community, the low end consumer seems to have been left out, until now. Quinn Karaitiana’s ChocaByte 3D printer was designed just a few days before CES 2014, but Quinn hopes that the printer will win over peoples hearts and pockets by being the first chocolate 3D printer under $100.

ChocaByte uses $2.50 chocolate-filled cartridges that can be heated in a microwave or hot water. Once the chocolate cartridges are heated they are placed into the printer. The ChocaByte then creates an object from a 3D file and the heated chocolate. Quinn claims that chocolate prints can be made in less than 10 minutes.

Users will have to deal with a relatively small 2 x 2 x 1 build volume, but you can’t expect to much from a $99 chocolate 3D printer. 3D files will be available to download from ChocaByte’s own website and you will be able to share designs with other users.

Only 500 ChocaByte’s will be made. Quinn says this is because they have to make each printer by hand. If you manage to get hold of a ChocaByte, expect a one to three month weight time on delivery.


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